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SPRING 2023.

Very excited about the OOAK Spring show.
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Meet the Creator

Since very young I have been surrounded by Fashion: My grandmother was a hat maker, and my mother was a seamstress. I grew up in France submersed in textiles and fashion “ateliers” (a cutting board, myriad types of scissors, thimbles, 3 or 4 different sewing machines, mannequins, spools, and meters upon metres of fabric…).

After graduating from high school, I went to Paris to study fashion, model design and manufacturing: Centre de formation de Modelisme (CFM) de Paris (1982-1984).

Directly after this I attended a school to study costume design (Paris - 1 year), and this led me to assume a position as head Costume Designer at Club Med for 2 years from 1985 to 1987. I Worked in Europe and Mexico during this period before returning to Paris in 1988 where I was hired as Chef D’Atelier at Ledel Design (1988 -1989) responsible for a line of women Trench coats and outdoor apparel.

In 1989 I moved to Canada where I started out first in High End Fashion Canadian designers, working for Loukas KLEANTHOUS and then for ZAPATA (owned and run by the spouse of Geddy Lee from RUSH).

But I quickly transitioned to become a designer and pattern maker for ROOTS Canada reporting directly to Michael Budman and Don Green for leather goods, Coats and the Continental sportswear women line. I held this job for 3 years before moving back to France in 1994.

Job path

From 1994 to 1997 – Head of Creation and Design at Adolphe Lafont (Work Apparel)

From 1997 to 1999 – Responsible for Outsourcing and Quality at Sergeant Major (Children Clothes)

From 2000 to 2018 – Bespoke Wedding dress designs and tailoring as well as the design and production of Synchronised swimsuits.

Product design:

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The wearer can adapt the design to match their personality and the coat use, through the choice of the fabric:

-Trendy or Classic chic for spring and summer with a leggings or a jean.

- Lace, light and semi sheer to be worn as an accessory over a swimsuit at the pool or by the lake.

- Pastel and delicate colours to be worn over a formal dress to cover the shoulders

- Heavier, thicker and more plush for fall to be worn over a sweater

- Solid colours to fit in an ensemble of patterns to become the key fashion accessory and statement

- Wear it to feel Confident Chic and Féminine.

“Spend better leads to spend less.”

French inspired design

Handcrafted in Canada

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