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In 2018 I created the brand BeeAtelier after having crafted a Women’s coat pattern and design.

The objective was to create a unique and intemporal model to be worn in all seasons and in different manners. The fluid form, adjustable neck detailing and large sleeves, were built to accommodate wearability in all situations.

Key inspiration

The key inspiration for the design was the Japanese Kimono and the more westernized Women’s trench coat. The fluid, almost ethereal, yet androgenous qualities of the Kimono, allow it to become an intemporal design for everyday wear or for formal occasions.

The multifaceted use of the design is intriguing to me and truly defines the fundamental inspiration for my coat.


From this concept and base, I wanted to adjust the coat to be able it to be more functional for everyday wear (as per the Women’s Trench coat) and give it the ability to be worn in different situations in different ways.

By shortening and narrowing the arms, making it more form fitted, adding the ability to wrap it at the neck, creating the possibility of leaving it open or closed, I feel very strongly that this coat and its design transcends the seasons and adds multiple uses. Ultimately this makes the coat a very sustainable item in someone’s wardrobe.


Herein lies the key to my design: enfranchising women to boldly wear a coat which is original, locally made and is the antithesis of high street throwaway fashion and is unabashedly chic at the same time.

French inspired design

Handcrafted in Canada

© 2022 BeeAtelier

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