Selling history

The coat has sold in two shops in Paris (the Suburb of Saint Germain en Laye) ”Jo&Jo” and “Ludivine,” where more than 3 dozen were sold prior to the pandemic.

Each retailer sold the coat differently. The first sold it as formal wear for business attire over a pant suit etc. where the second shop sold it as more of a casual accessory. In both instances the coat sold to very different clientele.


Saint Germain en Laye France

OOAK Toronto

Spring Show 2022

BéeAtelier Boutique

AltonMill Arts Center

Fantastic opportunity to sell my

Unique pieces summer 2022 with Rare Tread.

The Wearable Art Show 2022

Oakville On

Salon Des Métiers d’Art du Quebec

Member of the CMAQ

Special opportunity for BéeAtelier Lolitta Dandoy

For the cover page of Clin d’œil


Fibre Studio Huntsville Muskoka

Small selection but I’m never too far to come to the store and share your needs.

🐝 BéeAtelier🐝

French inspired design

Handcrafted in Canada

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